The idea is having our products to serve as `workhorse' for our everyday life with properly regulated eyewear that offers protection for our vision. Polarised, UV400, high-definition, distortion free are just some of the features of our lens. Up to 3 quarters of production cost were allocated for the lens itself. In short the lens is the core and focus of our products.

Many of our customers who switched from luxury brand stated that we simply elimated their stress in taking care of their shades. While you are out there cycling or fishing, loosing you shades can be common and with Apesman, even if it happens, it wont break your bank. We will always strive to keep it affordable BUT wihout loosing the quality that we all came to enjoy.


At Apesman, We believe materials consumption impact the environment. However, it is inevitable in modern day economies. That's why we take responsibility for what we produce. Sustainable production promotes resource & energy efficiency which minimizes the impact.

We also believe less is more with nothing fanciful without any reason. Our packaging is kept to the very minimal and our shades are made with priorities to bio-degradable environment friendly materials.

For The beautiful world that we share and for the next generation.

Nick hwang (Product specialist)

``We all know UV rays are pretty badass. Obviously we need to shield our eyes and for us we wanna do it our own style. Building our own manufacturing facilities requires tremendous cost and effort and at the moment unfortunately it is not sustainable. Therefore, we have a collaboration with our Taiwanese based manufacturing partner. By having a close working relationship, we are able to understand the process and the requirements to enchance our products. In general, different processes or usage of different materials determine the grade of the end product. For example, instead of putting the polarising filter on top of the polarising membrane, we decided to seperate it by putting a double layer of UV filter in between them. We found that it increases the sharpness in vision. Let's not dive into technical details and bore everybody.''