TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose)

  • made of polycarbonate with highest impact resistant
  • Thinner and lighter
  • Best UV protection feature


  • Crystal clear with optical quality nearly as good as glass
  • Distortion free however slight thicker and heavier

Zeiss Lens

  • Zeiss lens are no exception, being a great quality lens.
  • The Zeiss lens is a good choice but however is the most expensive.
"We all know UV rays are pretty badass. Obviously we need to shield ourselves and for us we wanna do it our own style. Building our own manufacturing facilities requires tremendous cost and effort and at the moment unfortunately it is not sustainable. Therefore, we have a collaboration with our Taiwanese based manufacturing partner. By having a close working relationship, we are able to understand the process and the requirements to enchance our products. In general, different processes or usage of different materials determine the grade of the end product. For example, instead of putting the polarising filter on top of the polarising membrane, we decided to seperate it by putting a double layer of UV filter in between them. We found that it increases the sharpness in vision. Let's not dive into technical details and bore everybody.
Nick Hwang
Apesman Product Specialist

Polarised, UV400, High-Definition sharp vision are some of the features of our sunglasses. Up to 3 quarters of production cost were allocated for the lens. In short the lens is the core and focus of our products. All products are subject to quality control and will be thoroughly tested before leaving our production plant.