Model : Apesman X48

The first thing I told the team on the X48 model was “I want something so comfortable that I forget that I have them on.’’ I gave the team 3 key features to work on. Full vision coverage with no ‘light leak’ for the romantique feel… Secondly, the sunglasses arms must be gentle, comfortable and yet provide consistent grip. The last is the frame which has to be lightweight with an ergonomic structure that is also suitable for Asians with high cheek bones. The team work on it for 3 weeks and a couple of revisions later we had in my opinion one of the most comfortable sunglasses in the scene right now, the Apesman X48. They stripped all the unnessary stuff and this is simplicity at its best.

Art Director


Model : Apesman X3

The X3 model came into my mind when we had too many different opinions from our customers regarding the comfort level of each sunglasses especially from the frame’s arms which provide the important grip. I told the team why not give them the flexibility of adjusting themselves? We called up the manufacturer and they sent us a few different combinations of materials. We do not like the idea of having an internal adjustable/bendable skeleton with outer silicone coating. We thought that is too old fashioned. Titanium then came into the picture but it was an expensive material that will mess up our intended price. Finally we solved everything by having multiple materials on the X3 models. The entire sunglasses arms were made of aluminium alloy which is soft enough for adjustment ‘bendable’ and it stays in the shape that you wanted it. To compensate the weight increment, the frame were made with lightweight polycarbonate materials to break even. The end result is something very likeable and with lots of flexibility. We had widen the field of view to full coverage too but I would have to disagree with the team for the selection of colours for the lens, that is just maybe my personal taste…

Art Director