1 of our co-founders is an avid motorcyclist. That explains why our products are popular among the biker’s community. We recognise the fundamental needs of a rider as well as understand what desires contribute to the creation of some of our key models.
Model : X48
"1 of the best from my experiance with shades in terms of fitment with helmets. The thin but sturdy arms work like a charm. It simply pops in without efforts. Super comfort and light weight too (17g)"
Jake Tan
Honda X-ADV rider
Model : X47
Classic shape, never goes out of style. The contemporary appealing design that we all love. Light weight (23g) with a sturdy polycarbonate frame. TAC polarized category 3 high definition lens. You won't go wrong with this.
Kannon Kwan
Apesman Designer
Model : X13
A lil accentric but in a mild tone down way that do not shout for attention but still stand out from the rest. Adjustable nose pad and spring loaded metal hinge with a sturdy alloy frame. TAC polarized category 3. Simply love it.
Ben Tan
Apesman Co-Founder