At Apesman, our philosophy is simple, that is to see the world, go adventures with the perfect vision. Founded in sunny California, the land of drinking sunshine and mass energy absorption with a tangle of the hollywood vibe.
We evolved and constantly innovating every aspect of eyewear from UV protection to comfort and style into our sunglasses. The sense of fun and enthusiasms has always set Apesman apart when it comes to our products design and colours. We keep it trendy and contemporary with distinctively simple yet sophisticated designs that express the exuberant spirit of adventure and the love of life.
We are young but we are evolving and growing, constantly absorbing inspiration and channeling our energy into what we do. We hope to inspire you to explore your passion of adventure.


We stay humble and we listen with completely openness. No critisism is offensive and no opinion/feedback is taken for granted. 

Eco Friendly

It is all about taking small steps towards mother earth so as to make this planet a better place for our communities and generations to come. Efforts to reduce carbon footprint and using bio degradable materials has been in our mind since day 1.

Passion Driven

Passionate and committed in our heart and soul of what we do. We are thinkers and dreamers.

Maya Dolores
Ben Tan